One of the ways Armstrong Fitness became the top of Boca Raton's fitness centers is through having plenty of equipment available for member's use.  There is no waiting for an excercise bike to become available at this Boca Raton fitness center. Following a workout plan created by their Boca Raton personal trainer, these members have chosen to use the treadmill for the aerobic component of their training regimen at Armstrong Fitness's Boca Raton gym.

Boca Raton fitness centers have risen to a new level with Armstrong Fitness. More than a traditional gym, Armstrong Fitness center combines machine and free weight training with group fitness classes. Are you looking for a fitness center near Boca Raton that features yoga, pilates, or zumba classes? Armstrong Fitness is the place for you. Located between Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton Armstrong exceeds all of your personal fitness needs.

Traditional workout programs custom tailored by a Boca Raton personal trainer are a cornerstone of the Armstrong Fitness center experience. Your first meeting with your personal trainer will establish a foundation of aerobic and anaerobic excercises designed to reach your personal fitness goals while accomodating your schedule. When you enter our Boca Raton fitness center you will find our gym well stocked with plenty of equipment allowing you to work out at your own pace.

Are you looking for a pilates or zumba class in Boca Raton?  Look no further.  Located between Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton Armstrong Fitness center teaches the classes you want. One of Boca Raton's friendliest fitness centers, everyone whom works out with you at Armstrong Fitness shares a common thread: the desire to take care of their bodies and improve their personal health.

In addition to self paced personal training, Boca Raton's Armstrong Fitness center features many group activities. Taught in small classes, our Boca Raton pilates instructors focus on quality of movement allowing you to gain concentration, improve flexibility and balance, and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. Pilates are perfect excercises for developing a flat stomach and slender yet muscular arms and thighs. Armstrong Fitness center's Boca Raton Zumba classes offer another method of toning your legs, gluts, arms, core body, and abs. Zumba classes combine fast and slow rythms with Latin and international music and dance movements to create an energizing workout experience.

Armstrong Fitness center is one of the friendliest gyms in Boca Raton. This is because personal fitness is important to everyone that walks in our door. Whether you are taking one of out Boca Raton zumba classes, or excercising on a treadmill, you will have the opportunity to meet people that have something in common with you.

A hub for personal training in Boca Raton, Armstrong fitness center offers something for everyone.  Mixed martial arts, boxing, and arm wrestling are among the many sports Armstrong Fitness center teaches competitively. Look at how well stocked this Boca Raton fitness center is!  There's never a wait for a machine or personal training at Armstrong Fitness!

Armstrong Fitness center's Boca Raton gym has something for everyone. If sculpting your body through pilates or zumba is not your thing, don't worry, we have not forgotten about you. Armstrong Fitness features boxing, mixed martial arts training, and, of course, Arm Wrestling all at our Boca Raton gym! Learn how to safely and competitively participate in these fun and exciting sports from our professional trainers.

Boca Raton's Armstrong Fitness center features a wealth of excercise machines. When our personal trainers create a workout program with you to build strength and muscle mass, we understand that you want to keep to a schedule. Noone wants to 'cool down' while waiting for a machine to become available. To maximize the productivity of your workout Armstrong Fitness's Boca Raton gym maintains a large quantity of weight lifting machines. This is not a corner gym where you have to wait in line to use one of three leg press machines. Come visit our Boca Raton location and see for yourself!

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